Indy Real Estate Experts Adds New Agent

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September 28, 2017


Indy Real Estate Experts Add New Agent

Former Teacher Polishes Indy’s Apple for  Home Buyers and Sellers

(Indianapolis, IN): Lisa Treadwell, owner of the Indy Real Estate Experts at Century 21 Scheetz, announces that former educator Leslie Foy has joined the team as its newest agent.

“I’m happy to welcome Leslie aboard as we continue to offer – and provide – exquisite service and expertise to our real estate clients,” says Treadwell. “We seek out professionals whose previous career experience meshes nicely with the unique skills necessary to be a successful real estate professional. Leslie certainly has that.”

Foy, a freshman English teacher for 12 years prior to entering the field of real estate, sees a multitude of parallels between that of an educator and real estate agent, including the need to educate buyers and sellers on the occasionally finicky processes inherent in real estate transactions.

“Teachers don’t just teach; we listen,” says Foy. “We are caregivers   by nature, and it’s been my experience that helping people buy or   sell a home requires the same sort of attention and personalized   care that I have always given my students. My end goal is always   the same – success- whether it is in the classroom or showing a   property.”

One of the truisms of the real estate business is that former teachers make great real estate agents and Treadwell sees that philosophy standing firm with Foy.

“I think real estate is quite a bit like a classroom, where you’re constantly thrown a curveball and have to make sense of a regular burst of chaos while keeping many balls in the air,” notes Treadwell. “Teaching taught Leslie to be both flexible and organized and those traits, along with her ability to communicate and educate, will ensure robust success for those clients who work with the Indy Real Estate Experts.”

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