We are FLIPPING Over the Indiana Real Estate Market!

Each month, our Board of REALTORS® puts out market statistics that I find very helpful in tracking the trend of the local real estate market.  Consumers are starting to take to heart what real estate professionals have been saying for about 3 years now-that its a seller’s market and now is the best time to sell!

According the the data below, we’re at the top of the market.  We’ll hang out here for a bit-no one knows exactly how long, but when the market begins to turn into a Buyer’s market again, it will happen quickly.  Indiana real estate professionals will see it first because we are in the market day in and day out.  However, it will take consumers awhile to hear our message, take it to heart, and then act on it.  That’s how real estate trends work.

No fear, though, because if you are buying and selling, you get to take advantage of whichever market it is-Sellers will make top dollar on the sell side in a Seller’s market and Buyer’s will get the best deals in a Buyer’s market.

Check out the stats below and look here for new ones each month:


And now for the “flipping” part of this blog so that the title and the content of this blog connect:

Posted on May 23, 2018 at 6:18 pm
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