What is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®?

REALTORS® with Credentials and Experience with Senior Downsizers are Different….In a Good Way.

When it comes to helping folks downsize, there is a host of special circumstances to consider.  Filtering through a person’s belongings to decide what goes to the new home, what goes to auction, what is trash, and what should be donated is a large undertaking-one that freezes many in their tracks.  A person’s possessions frequently hold up a move even if downsizing is a requirement due to healthcare needs.  Hiring a professional for sorting of possessions is a pertinent step in the downsizing process.

The Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) designation is a popular designation among Indianapolis REALTORS®.  However, not all SRES® REALTORS® are the same.  First, to call yourself a REALTOR®, you must be a member of the Board of REALTORS®.  Membership into the Board offers systems and tools that don’t exist outside of board membership.

In order to maintain an active real estate license, real estate professionals must participate in continuing education each year.  One form of continuing education is through specific designations, like SRES®.  Suffice to say that every SRES® in the city is not equal.

A REALTOR® who downsizes about 2-4 senior clients per month, who continues to educate themselves, their team, and the community, who has great problem-solving abilities, compassion for seniors, integrity, and a servant’s heart is someone a senior downsizer needs on their team.

The SRES® designation in real estate is just one step to understanding what seniors experience during the downsizing process.  Experience and ongoing training is what sets the experts apart.  Most experts will offer a free downsizing consultation which will help devise a downsizing plan of attack.  The next step is implementation of the plan.
There are many moving parts in a regular real estate transaction.  Imagine how much more convoluted things become when downsizing and de-cluttering are factors.  Take time to research real estate professionals who specialize in working with seniors and who’s services include help with downsizing and de-cluttering.

Watch the video below to learn more about SRES® certified agents and how we can help you and your loved ones downsize into low or no maintenance living:

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