What is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®?

REALTORS® with Credentials and Experience with Senior Downsizers are Different….In a Good Way.

When it comes to helping folks downsize, there is a host of special circumstances to consider.  Filtering through a person’s belongings to decide what goes to the new home, what goes to auction, what is trash, and what should be donated is a large undertaking-one that freezes many in their tracks.  A person’s possessions frequently hold up a move even if downsizing is a requirement due to healthcare needs.  Hiring a professional for sorting of possessions is a pertinent step in the downsizing process.

The Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) designation is a popular designation among Indianapolis REALTORS®.  However, not all SRES® REALTORS® are the same.  First, to call yourself a REALTOR®, you must be a member of the Board of REALTORS®.  Membership into the Board offers systems and tools that don’t exist outside of board membership.

In order to maintain an active real estate license, real estate professionals must participate in continuing education each year.  One form of continuing education is through specific designations, like SRES®.  Suffice to say that every SRES® in the city is not equal.

A REALTOR® who downsizes about 2-4 senior clients per month, who continues to educate themselves, their team, and the community, who has great problem-solving abilities, compassion for seniors, integrity, and a servant’s heart is someone a senior downsizer needs on their team.

The SRES® designation in real estate is just one step to understanding what seniors experience during the downsizing process.  Experience and ongoing training is what sets the experts apart.  Most experts will offer a free downsizing consultation which will help devise a downsizing plan of attack.  The next step is implementation of the plan.
There are many moving parts in a regular real estate transaction.  Imagine how much more convoluted things become when downsizing and de-cluttering are factors.  Take time to research real estate professionals who specialize in working with seniors and who’s services include help with downsizing and de-cluttering.

Watch the video below to learn more about SRES® certified agents and how we can help you and your loved ones downsize into low or no maintenance living:

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Tips to Find the Best Real Estate Agent

Not all real estate brokers are created equally…some pertinent qualities to be an effective and efficient resource for clients include:

  1. Creative problem solving skills (opposed to creative problem starting skills)
  2. Superb communication skills (opposed to a full voicemail box or an email box with thousands of unread/unanswered email messages)
  3. Above average marketing abilities (there are far too many marketing resources available for real estate agents not to use at least one of them!)
  4. Knowledgeable about the real estate market, in general…do’s and don’ts, industry etiquette and requirements, etc
  5. A keen eye for detail…this can make or break the acceptance of an offer for the buyer who has found “the one”
  6. A learning-based attitude…this industry and its requirements are constantly changing.  It is crucial to stay on top of every nuance of the real estate transaction in order to serve each client fully
  7. Discipline, open mindedness, and flexibility….I wrap these three characteristics up into one for a few reasons…I wanted to end on 7 because it seemed like the right number, yet all three of these characteristics are important.  As independent contractors, there is no time clock to punch, no 30 minute lunch break and (in some cases) no manager to report to.  We are left to our own devices, in many ways.  If a real estate agent lacks the business acumen required to run their own small company, it will show in nearly every aspect of the real estate transaction.  Think about it this way: real estate agents are responsible for the largest asset in most people’s lives-their home.  I’ve seen people put more thought into what they will wear to go out with their friends than which real estate agent they choose to handle the buying or selling of their home.

I should explain the difference between a real estate agent and a real estate agent who can legally call themselves a REALTOR®…

A REALTOR® is a professional who is a member of the Board of REALTORS®, which is the professional board for the real estate industry.  The board advocates for the real estate industry, community development, and for REALTORS®.  The board also polices the industry through a grievance process and professional standard hearings.  Industry professionals as well as consumers are able to file a grievance.  In fact, if you or someone you know feels wrongly treated by a real estate agent, click here to learn more about the grievance process.

There are too many details that, if left unattended by a less-than-professional real estate agent, could cost the consumer thousands of dollars, time, distress, and even kill a real estate transaction all together.  Higher a true real estate professional who’s full time career is helping their clients buy and sell real estate.  Admittedly, part of this decision will require a gut check, which is no different than most other big decisions.

Without going into a sales pitch, it will become obvious through blog posts, newspaper and magazine articles, and speaking engagements that this is my full time career and something my team and I are exceptionally passionate about.  If there is something real estate related that my team and I can help you or someone you know with, please contact us using the contact form on this website or call/text/email me directly: 317.246.9966/Lisa@IndyREExperts.com.

Here’s to a successful real estate buying and selling experience for you and your loved ones!

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What if My Appraisal Comes in Low (and Other Real Estate Nightmares)?

Having nightmares about real estate isn’t as uncommon as you may think.  For REALTORS®, dreams about real estate are common.

Given the current state of the real estate market, I would imagine nightmares about real estate among the general population are becoming more common.

I recently had a first time home buyer mention her nightly dreams about the purchase of an Indianapolis area home.  After losing out on two Broad Ripple properties for sale, she and her fiancé were becoming ever more anxious about finding the right place to call their first home.

In fact, the last property they missed out on sold to a buyer who offered TWENTY THOUSAND over list price!  That’s crazy!  I later learned it didn’t appraise at the final sales price and the contract between buyer and seller had to be completely re-negotiated.

In the midst of high emotionsfear of losing out on my dream home, trying to balance work and personal life with viewing properties before they sell, and coordinating the financial aspects of buying or selling a house the last thing I want to worry about is a bump in the road like a low appraisal.

This is where GREAT real estate expertise come into play in a major way.

Oh sure, you could hire a discount broker to help navigate you through buying or selling what is likely your biggest asset.  This is a great way to save money…or is it?

In real estate (like most things), you get what you pay for.  Being hell bent on saving a few thousand dollars could actually cost you more in the long run.  Here are things to consider when you need to buy or sell real estate:



  1. How many years of real estate experience does the agent have? hint: a highly seasoned agent isn’t always the best route and neither is a brand new agent

  2. What tools and resources are available to the agent? hint: the amount of support an agent receives from their office and Board of REALTORS® is directly connected to their success, which is directly connected to yoursuccess

  3. How proactive is the agent?  hint: the days of putting a sign in your yard, posting your listing on the local multiple listing service, and praying that someone brings a buyer were over a long time ago…it takes grit, persistence, strategy, and creative problem solving to buy and sell houses

  4. Do you have the right expectations of a real estate transaction in today’s market? hint: you don’t know what you don’t know; and an agent who is brave enough to set the right expectations for you up front (low appraisal, inspection issues, etc) is someone you want in your village

  5. How connected is the agent? hint: real estate agents know and work with a lot of people…too many to settle for someone who gives bad service…is your agent a connector?  Do they know how to coordinate the nuances of a real estate transaction from vetting out buyers for their listings to navigating through a low appraisal or inspection issues (side note: there is no “pass” or “fail” on a home inspection)   

Hiring the right agent for the job of buying or selling an Indianapolis area property is an important decision-one that can save you time, money, and….real estate nightmares.

My team offers FREE real estate consultations.  I offer a holistic approach to my client’s real estate goals, taking into consideration their time frame, lifestyle, and overall real estate goals now and in the future.  Let’s buy and sell Indianapolis area real estate together!

Call/text/email or comment below for a free, no obligation real estate consultation!

Happy buying and selling!

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We are FLIPPING Over the Indiana Real Estate Market!

Each month, our Board of REALTORS® puts out market statistics that I find very helpful in tracking the trend of the local real estate market.  Consumers are starting to take to heart what real estate professionals have been saying for about 3 years now-that its a seller’s market and now is the best time to sell!

According the the data below, we’re at the top of the market.  We’ll hang out here for a bit-no one knows exactly how long, but when the market begins to turn into a Buyer’s market again, it will happen quickly.  Indiana real estate professionals will see it first because we are in the market day in and day out.  However, it will take consumers awhile to hear our message, take it to heart, and then act on it.  That’s how real estate trends work.

No fear, though, because if you are buying and selling, you get to take advantage of whichever market it is-Sellers will make top dollar on the sell side in a Seller’s market and Buyer’s will get the best deals in a Buyer’s market.

Check out the stats below and look here for new ones each month:


And now for the “flipping” part of this blog so that the title and the content of this blog connect:

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Downsizing From Start to Finish!

Downsizing from start to finish is how we best help Indianapolis area senior citizens.  We like to use this handy graphic to explain it best:

To schedule your FREE Downsizing Consultation, simply complete the “contact me” form on this page or call/text/email 317.246.9966/Lisa@IndyREExperts.com.

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How Century 21 is Putting the Real Estate Industry on Notice

Change agents unite!  I couldn’t be happier with the new relentless brand marketing our company, Century 21, has rolled out recently.  Now, more than ever, it is important to hire professionals who know the real estate industry, can succinctly navigate this new way of buying and selling real estate, and help their buyers and sellers successfully achieve their real estate goals.  The days of seeing a property online, scheduling a showing, viewing the property, then writing a Purchase Agreement and sending it to the list agent are over.  The days of discount brokerage firms are coming to an end, too.  Just like anything, you get what you pay for when you hire a real estate professional to list your property or to find you a new home to buy.

In the ever-changing, volatile world of real estate, it pays huge dividends to hire an experienced real estate professional-one who understands the market, who knows the industry Code of Ethics, has a good relationship with other industry professionals, and who is supported by a company that continuously educates and holds their agents and support teams accountable.

Knowing how to navigate the ins and outs of a real estate transaction is imperative.  Its so much more than just putting a sign in the yard, putting the property on the multiple listing service, and praying someone will sell it.  Interpersonal communication is key, too.  So is strategy and having a proactive mindset to get each deal done-from start to finish.

I love this Century 21 video, and am proud to be a part of a company who regards professionalism as the standard in the real estate industry.

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April 2018 Real Estate Market Snapshot

If you’re like me, you love stats…especially Indiana real estate stats!  Each month, our local real estate board puts out statistics and many folks have enjoyed watching the Indianapolis real estate market this way.  Below is the April 2018 Indianapolis area real estate statistics.  Please keep in mind that these numbers are averages of our entire MIBOR service area.  If you are interested in in learning more about your specific property or area of town, call/text/email me right away!  My direct cell phone number is 317.246.9966 and email is Lisa@IndyREExperts.com.

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Downsizing in Indianapolis Made Easy!

I was privleaged to tag along for a talk with Laura Roman, from Westminster Village North about downsizing.  Laura and I share clients sometimes.  What we share more of, though, is empathy for each one of our downsizing clients.  The biggest hurdle most of our clients face is what to do with all of their stuff.  In our interview during the Indy Style Segment on WISH TV Channel 8, we talk about separating our special moments, memories, and experiences from our stuff.

The importance of hiring professionals to help with downsizing is pertinent.  We help make the decision making process easy, connect our clients with key professionals to help with every aspect of the downsizing process from start to finish!  See the segment below and call/text/email me for your FREE Downsizing Consultation.

Lisa Treadwell, Broker Associate
Indy Real Estate Experts at Century 21 Scheetz

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The Facts About Senior Downsizing

“I was very nervous,” Helen said about her decision to downsize into low maintenance living in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “I knew I had to sell my house,” she said, but there were so many more things to consider than just the actual sale of her Indianapolis home.

First, Helen knew she had to find a place to downsize to.  After settling on an Independent Living apartment in Clearwater Commons, Helen began the daunting task of deciding which items she was going to take with her and which items wouldn’t make the cut.  Helen had a lifetime of memories tucked into her home, and choosing what to move, what to donate, what to sell, and what to leave behind was a bit overwhelming and sad.  Helen found herself wondering which items would fit into her new apartment, how it would be positioned, what she should do with her collections, extra pots and pans, lawn furniture, etc.

While Helen was visiting the sales associate, at Clearwater Commons, I received the call.  Helen, one of her daughters, and the sales associate were all on speaker phone and wanted to schedule a free downsizing consultation with me.  We got Helen set up for an appointment at Helen’s house to discuss the downsizing process and how my team, the Indy Real Estate Experts, at Century 21 Scheetz would walk her through the entire downsizing process, from beginning to end.

Once Helen and her daughter reviewed our downsizing packages, they began to relax instantly.  I explained how my team would take care of helping Helen select the items she wanted to take with her to her apartment, space plan with her to make sure it all fit, pack, move, liquidate the items she wasn’t taking with her, unpack her new apartment, hang curtains, make her bed, clean and stage her old place, take professional photos, and list and sell her house.  They were amazed that one team could take care of all the details of the downsizing process for them.  I said, “This is what we do!  This is our passion!”  Helen and her daughter explained, “Sign us up for it all!”

As real estate and downsizing specialists, our goal is to help make each client’s new space feel enough like the property they downsized from that, even though its new, it still feels like home to them.  Our clients can relax right away and not worry about unpacking, disposing of boxes, or anything else as it relates to moving and downsizing.

As our real estate team enters it’s 10th year in existence, we are proud to have honed our focus on what we love to do and what we’re good at, which is taking seniors and their loved ones from feeling stressed and overwhelmed to being decisive and hopeful.  We understand how overwhelming moving can be in and of itself.  Add the stress of moving from a home that a client has lived in for 20, 30, or even 50 years…that can be emotional and overwhelming.  When we show our clients that Indy Real Estate Experts will handle it all, their facial expressions change immediately.  They feel relaxed right away, and we live for this!

As for the overall downsizing experience, Helen says she loved the fact that Indy Real Estate Experts took care of the details, so she didn’t have to.  “There’s no way I could have done it myself,” said Helen.  “The help Indy Real Estate Experts provided me was indescribable…I consider them my friends now.”

Helen was so excited to see her new place completely unpacked that she even cried.  I must admit, I got a little teary-eyed myself!  Getting a front row seat into people’s lives while we’re helping them downsize, de-clutter, pack, move, unpack, and sell their property is a blessing.

If you or someone you know is considering a downsize soon, contact our team immediately for a free downsizing consultation.

CENTURY 21 SCHEETZ | 317.246.9966
4929 E 96TH ST | INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46240

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Spring Clean Up Resources

It is hard to believe spring is here with the snow and rain we have been getting…this is Indianapolis, Indiana, though, so we are used to it, right?  Indy Real Estate Experts uses a tool that gets our favorite vendors into the hands of our favorite people-YOU!  Download the Homekeepr app to your mobile device or open it on your computer to browse our favorite contractors for nearly every home improvement project you can think of!

Also, if you have a favorite contractor who is not listed on our site, we want to know about them!

Whether you are spring cleaning, adding an addition to your home, or prepping your house for sale, we want you to have the best experience.  And, by the way, if you are prepping your house for sale, we should talk!

Click the link above or contact one of our team members by phone, email, or text for questions about prepping your house for sale or using Homekeepr for your projects.

Happy Spring!

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